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Pawn Shop | The Gold Exchange & Pawn

No matter what your reason for being in a pawn shop may be, some pawn shops are better than others. At The Gold Exchange & Pawn, you’ll...

Jewelry | The Gold Exchange & Pawn

Gold jewelry has been an attractive and highly desired item for thousands of years and is no less sought after today! For this reason, gold and gold...

Firearms | The Gold Exchange & Pawn

At The Gold Exchange & Pawn, we offer a variety of items for sale every single day. Though we have everything from electronics to jewelry, one of our...

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Your items are always kept safe, secure, and waiting for you when you pawn at The Gold Exchange & Pawn!

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Top Quality

Operating in the Klamath Falls, OR area, The Gold Exchange & Pawn is the ideal destination for knowledgeable customer service and the buying, selling, or pawning of a large variety of items. Specializing in the purchasing and selling of everything from jewelry to sporting equipment, electronics to tools, your overall experience and comfort with our establishment is of great importance!

The Gold Exchange & Pawn offers a professional and organized environment for your specific needs. Whether you are interested in selling something you no longer need, purchasing something you have always wanted, or simply pawning an item for a time while you are in need of cash, we are guaranteed to have the means and capability to help you out!

By offering secured loans to our customers who leave various items in our care as collateral, as well as the normal fluctuation of items being bought and sold on a regular basis, we always have a unique variety of items within our shop on any given day.

You may then either accept our offer or negotiate an amount you deem to be reasonable. Rest assured that at The Gold Exchange & Pawn, we are always ready to make a deal!

If you live in the Klamath Falls, OR area and are looking for a respectable shop for all your buying, selling, and pawning needs, look no further than The Gold Exchange & Pawn! You won’t regret it, contact us today!