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Gold jewelry has been an attractive and highly desired item for thousands of years and is no less sought after today! For this reason, gold and gold jewelry never goes out of style. Stop by The Gold Exchange & Pawn to see what exceptional pieces of beautiful jewelry we have available for purchasing today!

Gold is an outstanding element for the fabrication of jewelry for a variety of reasons:

• Tarnishing―Fortunately, pure gold is an extremely user-friendly metal for jewelry production because it does not tarnish. Unlike with other metals where reactions can leave your skin stained certain colors or allergies can be a frequent occurrence, gold is unique in terms of its lack of tarnishing or discoloration.

• Malleability―Gold is also perfect for jewelry because of its malleable qualities. Allowing it to be worked into any shape, size, form, or mold, gold’s malleability allows for a huge variety of options in terms of jewelry making and design. This manipulation of the metal makes it extremely popular and versatile within the industry.

• Purity―Gold jewelry is marked according to its level of purity. Marked in karats (with the letter “K”), gold jewelry is classified according to levels of pure gold―the higher the karat, the greater the percentage of gold found in the piece of jewelry. 24K gold is considered pure, 18K gold is considered 75 percent pure, 14K is considered 58.3 percent pure, 12K is considered 50 percent pure, and 10K is considered 41.7 percent pure.

We also offer affordable silver, platinum, and diamonds!

If you are interested in purchasing jewelry of any kind, including gold jewelry in the Klamath Falls, OR area, don’t hesitate to check out the exceptional selection offered at The Gold Exchange & Pawn now!