Pawn Shop

For professional service and quality merchandise, look no further than The Gold Exchange & Pawn!

Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop | The Gold Exchange & Pawn - Klamath Falls, OR

No matter what your reason for being in a pawn shop may be, some pawn shops are better than others. At The Gold Exchange & Pawn, you’ll know you’re in the right place from the moment you walk in!

With an always changing inventory of merchandise available for purchase, everyone will find something interesting and desirable at our pawn shop. Whether you are here to buy, sell, or pawn, we guarantee that your experience at The Gold Exchange and Pawn will be a memorable and satisfying one!

• Buying―We have a variety of items, including tools, jewelry, electronics, and more in a constantly shifting inventory. Whether it be merchandise that customers have outright sold to us at The Gold Exchange & Pawn, or previously pawned items that were never reclaimed, there is always something worth purchasing available!

• Selling―Our staff members at The Gold Exchange & Pawn are knowledgeable and always willing to make a deal with our customers! Depending on the quality of the item you bring in and its determined value, we will make you an offer to purchase your item. Trust in our professionalism and guarantee that our prices are both fair and competitive!

• Pawning―A true staple of the pawn shop industry, we offer our customers the choice of pawning items as collateral for money loans determined by the item’s worth. Once a loan is given to the customer and the item is taken into our care, the customer is given a certain amount of time to return with the borrowed money to once again reclaim the item. If the customer does not repay the loaned amount, we then proceed to offer the item for sale.

If you live in the Klamath Falls, OR area and are interested in seeing how a successful pawn shop is operated, or wish to sell, purchase, or pawn an item, come see The Gold Exchange & Pawn for yourself!